Recovering Bricked (unbootable) Devices Using SD Card

If anything goes wrong and your device seems unbootable, you can use the previously created SD card image to recover the original firmware from the manufacturer by using the following commands:

cd braiins-os_am1-s9_ssh_VERSION
source .env/bin/activate
python3 backup/2ce9c4aab53c-2018-09-19/ your-miner-hostname-or-ip

After the script finishes, wait a few minutes and adjust the jumper to boot from NAND (internal memory).

BOSminer operation

BOSminer can be controlled using the command line or via the web page.

In order to start or stop BOSminer, use the following commands:

/etc/init.d/bosmniner stop
/etc/init.d/bosmniner start

Alternatively, BOSminer can be controlled in System -> Startup page and it is restarted every time the user clicks on the Save & Apply button in the Miner -> Configuration page.